My Story

  I have been designing my own original bears since 1999 and started making my doggie series in 2003, followed by Kitties in 2007. During this time I had a website done and have sold a lot of my designs here in Australia and overseas.

My bear making is purely a hobby which I enjoy in my spare time, especially when they give other people pleasure and are appreciated by their new adoptive parents. The most enjoyable part for me is the end result when they finally come to life! I still try to make a few bears in between making my dogs, but I find that at the moment I enjoy making my dogs as I see so many faces I would love to re-create and produce. I'm finding that I am having no trouble in finding homes for my Aussie canines as their individuality & expressions are hard just too hard to resist.

It was my mother who first introduced me to the wonderful world of teddy bears and got me started on my first bears. Over the years I have attended several workshops with well known bear artists such as Jo Greeno, Helen Hill, Loris Hancock, Sonia Heron and Linda Benson. I find that if you want to improve your style and the way you make bears, workshops are the way to go and there is always a technique you pick up from each one that proves invaluable to your bear making. I definitely recommend them.

None of my creations escape the air-brush as I think this is what brings out their soul and really brings them to life and gives them their beary, puppy and kitty expressions. I have been an animal lover all my life and get a lot of my inspiration from their big kind eyes and happy loving expressions, always eager to please or just a look of happiness and contentment.

I hope you enjoy looking at my creations on my website and come back again to see what new personality is waiting to be adopted.


Cindy Cherry

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