Interest in drawing for each child is manifested at different ages. Someone just starting to walk draws patterns on the wallpaper, and someone reluctantly takes up brushes and pencils even…

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Boys are so different. What they will become is still unknown. Little boys - future men - toys help to know the world and themselves, reveal their abilities. Therefore, toys…

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Boys are so different. What they will become is still unknown. Little boys - future men - toys help to know the world and themselves, reveal their abilities. Therefore, toys…

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Spinner became the most popular toy of this year. Ready to argue, your child has already asked to buy him such a thing. What is it and how to choose the best option for the child, as well as about safety measures, read in our material.

Every second modern mother this summer has a question: what is a spinner, should I buy it for a child, and if so, how to choose? We have examined in detail the question so that you do not have any doubts!

What is a spinner?
Spinner is a small hand exercise machine that spins on the bearing with the thumb. It develops fine motor skills and relieves stress. At the moment, is the best-selling game in the world.

Types of Spinners
The most popular spinner is with three petals. It spins the longest and is best suited for tricks. But there are other types of spinners:

what is a spinner for

rectangular: with two petals instead of three
luminous: ordinary, double, or triple spinner that glows
round: wheel spinner
shuriken: made in the shape of an oriental weapon, a steel throwing star
Spinner materials
Most often, spinners are made of plastic. Some even print them on 3-D printers. These are the cheapest spinners.

Matella spinners are more reliable and durable. They, respectively, are more expensive. Even more expensive: ceramic spinners, but they are the most convenient to use, albeit fragile.

Among connoisseurs of aesthetics, spinners are made of wood: they are made to order, manually. There are also spinners from expensive alloys and precious metals, they are also made to order.

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Spinner prices
Prices start at 200 hryvnias on layouts and at kiosks and reach unthinkable amounts on an individual order. A good, simple spinner made of plastic, but with a certificate of quality, will cost from 300 to 1000 hryvnias.

Where to buy spinner
Spinners are sold on layouts, in hardware and toy stores, as well as on the Internet. There is more choice on the Internet and spinners are cheaper, but you need to buy from a seller with a good reputation.

how to choose a spinner

In the store, you can immediately see the quality certificates, overpay, but do not risk it. If you buy a spinner “from hand” – you save, but there’s nobody to ask about quality.

How to choose a spinner for a child
Naturally, the child is attracted to spinners of unusual shapes, with sharp teeth, in the form of shurikens, or from shiny metal.

But it’s best to buy him a light, simplest polished spinner with smooth rounded edges so that he doesn’t get hurt or hurt anyone around him. Such a spinner must have a certificate that this plastic is safe.
If the child wants something like this: buy a plastic spinner with bulbs, they glow brightly, brightly and children like them.

What to look for when buying spinners
You can see on the Internet the rating of torsion time of spinners, because this is important. It is called ABEC. Look at the best companies and choose among them.

spinner toy

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If you buy in a store, be sure to open it, spin it, check: are there nicks, roughness, are your fingers hurt during rotation.

Spinner safety
Spinners can also be dangerous, it is important to follow these rules when buying and using:

if the spinner is glowing, the cover that covers the battery should sit tight., so as not to bounce during rotation and not damage anyone,
if the spinner does not rotate firmly, but “walks” during rotation, the parts may be poorly fixed, you should not buy it,
a sharp-edged toy can fly off your finger and injure someone. There have already been such cases,
plastic may be toxic, and metal may contain increased rates of mercury and lead. This is solved by studying the quality certificate and buying from a reliable seller.
Otherwise, this is a common and useful toy for children and adults.

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